Turn Key (CSSD Planing & execution)Turn Key (CSSD Planing & execution)

NAMWIWAT involve in the execution turnkey projects and to supply all required health care products to the public & private hospital.

For Its services in this field it has competed for primary Turnkey projects in CSSD.

It’s our vision that instruments are always ready for use when needed, that the flow of sterile goods is safe and smart, efficient and ergonomic, and that your total costs are as low as possible.

We provide the best complete solution for CSSD. In this way, we ensure the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything is well-planned, thought-through and cost-efficient. And that you have a reliable long-term partner that you can always turn to – no matter what your needs are.

Fused with skillful engineering, specialized technology and solid know-how, NAMWIWAT engineering applies its expertise in infection control by planning, designing and providing comprehensive solutions.

  1. Sterile Processing
  2. Equipment
  3. Traceability
  4. Architectural planning
  5. Consumables
  6. Education
  7. Service & Support
  8. Room construction
  9. Air system
  10. Stainless steel accessories