Clenex Spiral Pipes

Washer and Disinfector

In many hospitals, the primary purpose of cleaning medical instrument is to remove all inorganic bio burden materials from the internal and external surface of the instruments. However, it is questionable by expert whether it is sufficient to clean certain items such as corrugate pipe, oxygen cannular, suction tube by hand or a normal washer disinfector. Therefore, Clenex is one of the most powerful type of washer disinfector that is designed to purposely clean these items.

Clenex, is the latest model in NAMWIWAT range, manufactured according to international standards. At the beginning of the cleaning cycle of the system, vacuuming will take place and it is then followed by three stages of cleaning where by the instruments will be cleaned and washed with cold, warm and hot water, respectively through our new injection system.


  • Washer chamber made of stainless steel 316L
  • Heating element made of stainless steel titanium 321
  • Equipped with two dosing pump with a separate microprocessor control and allow the user to change the required products quantity in each cycle.
  • 80-120 stainless steel nozzle valves for injection system.
  • Three levels air drying for an excellent washing result.
  • A dot matrix printer which at every cycle also available in graphical form (option)
  • Self-disinfection programs is guaranteed in compliance with international regulations.
  • Single or double manual operated hinged doors
  • Two independent temperature control with PT1000 probes
  • Available up to 5 fixed basic washing programs and 20 more free programs for the personal needs.
  • Memorized data: If a system shutdown, the machine will resumed its previous stage automatically.